For professionals

Oy Woikoski Ab is an independent gas producer with a long history as a forerunner in the chemical industry. We produce industrial, food & beverage, and specialty gases for a variety of applications in industrial and other fields. Our product range also covers welding machines and equipment. Woikoski Medical works with the health care and medical sector and acts as a supplier of gases and related services and equipment.


  • Gas distribution

    You can lease gas cylinders, cylinder bundles and small tank containers from us. Our remotely monitored container deliveries are an ideal choice for customers whose gas consumption is high.

  • Analytical services

    We provide customised analytical services related to the condition monitoring of gas pipes in industry and health care.

  • Welding

    We offer a wide range of welding machines, gases, consumables and equipment

  • Home oxygen therapy

    Oxygen therapy patients can enjoy increased mobility with our liquid oxygen equipment