Second hydrogen filling station opens in Vuosaari in Helsinki

Woikoski opened its second hydrogen filling station at Vuosaari harbour in Helsinki on 19 March. The new station was launched by Finland’s Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö.

Actively involved in the building of a hydrogen-centred society, Woikoski has made it possible for the first emission-free hydrogen car to enter the Finnish market. Hydrogen technology can contribute to a notable reduction in CO2 emissions in the vehicle industry. It can also help reduce noise pollution generated by vehicles, including snowmobiles and marine vessels.

With a strong belief in the opportunities offered by hydrogen, Woikoski is investing heavily in production, logistics and other related applications. Work on a new hydrogen production facility is set to be completed on Kokkola Industrial Park in summer 2014, and at the same time the company will also introduce new hydrogen transport units with cutting-edge composite technology at their core.

Hydrogen is not a new venture for Woikoski as it has 101 years’ experience in hydrogen production. Production methods have changed over the years, though. Hydrogen’s potential as a fuel was recognised as early as in the 1930s, when a 1927 Packard running on hydrogen raced through the streets of Voikoski.

Opened in January, Woikoski’s first filling station was the fruit of its in-house development work. It is located in Voikoski and the goal is to launch it onto the global hydrogen station market. The general belief is that hydrogen technology will expand to the energy sector, in which it can offer an environmentally friendly storage option for electricity.