Gas cylinders

All of Woikoski’s gas cylinders meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), and are equipped with gas-specific valves as required by the directive

Pressure ratings: depending on the gas, 150 bar, 200 bar or 300 bar

Usual cylinder sizes: 2–50 litres


Materials: steel, aluminium

Valves: brass or stainless steel

The cylinders are equipped with a fixed open cap or a detachable full cap.

A gas cylinder is identified on the basis of colour coding and labelling on the cylinder body and neck and a stamp on the shoulder. 


Handling of gas cylinders

The following guidelines must be complied with when handling gas cylinders. All applicable regulations must also be observed in the transport and storage of gas cylinders.

  • Always read the safety data sheet for the gas in question before use.
  • Handle gas cylinders with care.
  • The same safety advice applies to empty cylinders as to full ones.
  • Do not remove or damage labels affixed to the gas cylinder.
  • Gas cylinders should be stored in an upright position so that they will not fall and are protected from sudden impact.
  • Always confirm the contents of a gas cylinder before use.
  • Always wear protective gloves.
  • A protective cap must always be used during transport
  • A cylinder trolley or cart must be used for carrying gas cylinders.
  • Do not lift a gas cylinder from its protective cap or cover.
  • Always use a pressure regulator specific to the gas in question.
  • Use of adaptors is forbidden.
  • Protect gas cylinders from heat and never warm up a gas cylinder.
  • Always open valves slowly
  • The valve must be kept closed when the cylinder is not in use.
  • Keep the cylinder, valve and other equipment clean of dirt and oil.

If you have any questions concerning the correct handling of a particular gas or gas cylinder, please contact the manufacturer.