Oxygen therapy at home

Long-term oxygen therapy can also be carried out at home based on a prescription written by your doctor. In home oxygen therapy, you administer oxygen yourself using a liquid oxygen device, medical oxygen cylinders, or an oxygen concentrator device.

Woikoski offers a wide range of high-quality oxygen therapy equipment for home use to improve your quality of life. From our selection, you can find a solution for every situation and need, regardless of your age and condition.

Safety at home

Oxygen can be administered safely at home when the doctor’s instructions and safety regulations are complied with. We provide guidance on how to use the equipment safely and you will receive separate safety instructions with your first delivery.

The main things to remember are that:

  • having an open fire or a source from which sparks may occur on the premises where the oxygen is used or stored is forbidden
  • oxygen equipment must be stored in a space with effective ventilation
  • an oxygen device must always be turned off when not in use