Inspection of gas cylinders and systems

Periodic inspection of gas cylinders

In a periodic inspection, a gas cylinder undergoes pressure testing and internal and external inspection, its empty weight is determined, and its fittings and markings are checked. The cylinder’s external surface is blast cleaned and painted and the date of the inspection is stamped on the cylinder shoulder.

If the cylinder is owned by the client, the client is responsible for the inspection fee whereas the inspection cost for leased cylinders is covered by Woikoski.

The inspection interval is ten years for most gases, but three or five years for toxic and corrosive gases.

Periodic inspections are statutory inspections of pressure equipment to be performed at set intervals. An approved inspection body must inspect and test refillable pressure vessels at predetermined intervals (Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Communications 171/2009, section

Inspection of distribution systems

Our clients who use gas in large quantities will benefit from regular maintenance and inspection of their gas distribution systems. These measures help to ensure the quality of gas and keep costs under control as problems such as leaks lead not only to extra expenditure but also safety risks.

Condition monitoring agreement

A gas distribution system consists of a pressure regulator unit, pipes, valves and outlet connections.

An annual condition monitoring agreement includes:

  • Gas manifold: inspection of ventilation, functioning of the control system, and hoses, filters and valves (and replacing them when necessary).
  • Distribution network: for instance visual inspection and inspection for leaks.
  • Outlet connections: for instance inspection of the system for leaks, inspection of hoses and replacement of filters.
  • An inspection report for the client.