Feed failures eliminated with EWM’s push-pull welding torch

Amec Foster Wheeler Energia Oy specialises in advanced boiler and flue gas cleaning technologies and associated services. The company’s core competencies lie in fluidised-bed combustion technology and circulating fluidised-bed boilers in particular. High-quality production combines the personnel’s expertise with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art tools. Last year, Woikoski supplied the company with EWM’s push-pull welding torch.
‘Wire feed failures in welding machines are highly common in MIG welding with wires that contain large amounts of chromium and nickel. This naturally affects the smoothness of the work process,’ says Jukka Asikainen, production supervisor in the service operations at Amec Foster Wheeler Energia’s Varkaus site.

Woikoski EWM’s push-pull welding torch

‘A truly significant improvement’

To reduce the number of feed failures, a solution was sought in EWM’s push-pull welding torch with integrated wire feed rollers.
‘The first tests with the new welding torch have now been completed. From this experience, it can be stated that this represents a truly significant improvement. Feed failures have been practically eliminated, and, according to the praise received from welders, they can now concentrate on their actual job, thanks to the new torch. Trouble-free operation also has a positive effect on cost efficiency,’ says Asikainen.
On the basis of this positive experience, the company now intends to purchase more devices, of a similar type, for the Varkaus unit.
‘Their purchase price is slightly higher, but we considered the benefits to be so great that the investment is worth making,’ says Asikainen, commending the Woikoski service too. ‘Our co-operation started on a large scale in 2012 when we upgraded a considerable amount of our equipment to new EWM machinery. People at Woikoski are proactive – they listen to our wishes and seek solutions for our needs,’ he says.