Containers and tanks for liquefied gases

We deliver liquefied gases for a wide range of industrial applications, either in your own container or a leased one. A vaporiser system is used to turn the liquefied gas into a gas form to allow its use.

A container is a user-friendly and cost-efficient solution when you need large quantities of gas (more than 10,000 m3 per year). In liquefied form, gas also requires less storage space.

  • The container size is 3–50 m3, and pressure 1–37 bar, larger sizes are also available
  • Gases available: liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide

The size of the container you need depends on the number of applications gas is used for, the overall consumption, the number of shifts and the location.

Gas containers are pressure vessels, which require a designated operations supervisor and a permit from an approved body prior to installation.

Up-to-date information via remote monitoring

Remote monitoring helps to maintain the required gas volume without disruptions in operations and allows efficient planning of maintenance work.

Leasing a container

We take care of the maintenance, statutory inspections and the necessary permits for a leased container. The client usually pays a monthly fee for the lease.

Purchasing a container

Client who decide to buy a container may take care of the inspections, permits and maintenance themselves or alternatively they may purchase these services from Woikoski.

Liquid nitrogen dewars

Dewars are suitable for the storage, transport and distribution of liquid nitrogen. Lightweight and easy to handle, these dewars are also vacuum-insulated, helping minimise vaporisation in the container.

A variety of withdrawal devices are available for the dewars to ensure the safe handling of gas. A castor pallet is available as an accessory to make the transfer of larger dewars easier. The dewar sizes are 7, 11, 21, 26, 35, 60 and 100 litres. We also offer a variety of dewars for storage of sample tubes. Some models are equipped with a monitor and alarm system for the liquid level and temperature.