Propane is produced as a by-product of petroleum refining. LPG is a  mixture of propane and butane with  a propane content of more than 95%. rently, propane cylinders can be refilled at Woikoski’s filling station in Pirkkala.

Industry uses propane in a variety of applications, including construction and as a fuel for forklifts. Restaurants and other kitchens also use propane.

We sell propane in steel and composite cylinders of various sizes in our outlets in connection with our facilities and via our resellers.
The largest cylinder (190 kg) is the ideal choice when large quantities of propane are required, for example by restaurants and workshops engaged in flame cutting.

Valves available: click-on valve, screw valve with (fuel) or without a dip tube.

The website provides further information on cylinder sizes and safety in Finnish.