Purity and accuracy with specialty gases

Specialty gases are used in applications that rely on extreme purity and small, accurate gas concentrations to function properly. These applications include analytical laboratories, research institutes, emissions control activities, high-technology welding, laser cutting, and the electronics industry.

Our expertise ensures that we are always able to offer the best possible solution, even for the most demanding applications.

We produce the vast majority of ultrapure gases and specialty gas mixtures in our own production facilities. Some of our products are supplied by our reliable expert partners. In collaboration with them, we can also deliver extremely demanding and rare gases and gas mixtures, including ISO 17025-accredited calibration gases for the most challenging applications.

Pressure regulators and gas manifolds

Top-quality gases present challenges for pressure regulators and gas manifolds in applications such as laboratories. Equipment that meets the requirements is necessary to ensure that the gas retains its high quality when it is transferred from the cylinder to the end-use location.

Ultrapure BIP-gases

We have an exclusive right to import ultrapure BIP gases to Finland. BIP (Built-In Purifier) technology is based on a purification system in the cylinder. The unique valve and purifier design including a particle filter guarantees lower levels of oxygen and moisture than other similar UHP gases. This makes BIP gases an ideal choice for applications such as gas chromatography, in which such impurities cause problems.

Read more about BIP gases: www.airproducts.co.uk

Aluminium canisters provide a portable, lightweight solution

Disposable, small aluminium canisters can be used for both ultrapure gases and specialty gas mixtures. Thanks to their light weight, they offer an ideal solution for the inspection of personal gas detectors and breathalyzers, and the calibration of difficult-to-access monitoring devices. Canisters are used in ships, for example, as they can easily be recycled at the next port.