Analytical services for industry

We offer a variety of tailored gas network analysis services for industry.

Faults in the pipe network may lead to quality problems in the gas, slowing down production or even causing disruptions in it. Often the problem is thought to be in the gas before investigations unearth a fault, such as a leak, in the gas network.

Many factors can affect gas quality during transfer from a storage tank. For the proper functioning of the network, it is essential to have no leaks in the system.

Faulty connections and leaky outlet points may lead to the contamination of gas. The result may be a blockage when moisture seeping in from outside the pipe network freezes.

Many modern tools, such as laser-cutting equipment, are sensitive to the quality of gas. The reason behind inexplicable, prolonged problems is often found to lie in a faulty or leaking gas network. Finding an efficient solution to these and similar problems improves quality and efficiency in production when tools work without hitches.