EWM MIG/MAG processes

coldArc coldArc puls
For thin sheet welding and brazing.
Root welding with excellent gap bridging capabilities.
Optimum echancement for the higher performance range, with focused heat input where the heat is required.
rootArc rootArc puls
Short arc with perfect weld modelling capabilities
for effortless gap bridging in all positions.
The perfect enhancement for focused heat input for the higher power range.
forceArc/forceArc puls  
Heat-reduced, directionally stable and powerful arc with deep penetration for the upper power range.  
Pulsed arc  
Controlled, short circuit-proof pulsed arc for all positions.
Controlled short arc far into the transitional area.
Powerful short arc for rapid, secure welding with and without air gap, for all positions  
The ability to switch EWM welding processes offers a multitude of possibilities.