Clas Palmbergin puhe TEN-T HIT2 Road Tour, Vuosaari 14.10.2015

Road Tour and HRS inauguration, Vuosaari 14/10 2015

Honored Minister of Transport and Communication, guests of honor and colleagues,


Woikoski had already in the 20th - nearly a hundred years ago -  a strong hydrogen vision of using hydrogen,  not only for metal cutting and welding - but also as an automotive fuel and as an energy storage.

Electricity produced by hydropower was used to produce hydrogen which was stored and later at demand used as an automotive fuel and also to fuel a “loco mobile” or steam engine which propelled different production machines.

As hydropower and hydrogen was produced 24/7 and reused only 8 hours/day and 6 days/week, the available power was way bigger than the constant output of the hydropower plant.

There are numerous innovations throughout the history of Woikoski and we do not consider ourselves as industrial and medical gas producers or distributers, but as problem solvers who enables our customers or partners to reach their own targets.

Our hydrogen refueling station infrastructure enables vehicle manufacturers to sell hydrogen cars and forklift trucks and this again enables environmentally aware people to use nonpolluting vehicles according to their own vision.

As a family company it is possible for us to create new solutions and visions as gain maximization is not the main and only goal.

As a consequence midsized companies can contribute to a better and cleaner world.


Clas Palmberg     

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Woikoski